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Waterproofing Services

Different structures require different solutions for waterproofing. Once concrete has been laid, it is beneficial to waterproof the concrete surface to prevent water from seeping into this naturally porous material. While it is not disastrous if concrete gets wet, over time water can damage the strength and integrity of concrete surfaces such as concrete floors. After completion, we do post site visit and water bonding test to ensure the concrete is 100% waterproofed and provide value for money to our clients.

  • Flat Roofs
  • Swimming pools
  • Lift Pits
  • Concrete gutters
  • Basements
  • Water Tanks
  • All Wet Areas such as Bathrooms, Laundry Areas and Kitchen areas.


Admixtures are added to the concrete, in addition to cement, water and aggregate, typically immediately before or during the mixing process. Admixtures are mostly used to reduce the cost of building with concrete, or to ensure certain required properties or quality of the cured concrete.

Concrete Repairs

Concrete repair is the process of fixing a hardened concrete surface that over time has lost the ability to hold the binding concrete materials together due to damage or environmental exposure. Concrete repair is appropriate for cracks, physical impacts, chipped out surfaces or surface scaling.

Water Bars

Waterbars are used to avoid the movement of the water through the construction joints and movement joints. The selection of the water bars shall be made based on the nature of the construction and its applicability.

Joint Sealants

Sealants are materials that prevent fluids and other substances from passing through surfaces and mechanical joints. Sealants also block air leakage, insects, dust, sound, and heat.

Waterproofing Membranes

This is a layer of water-tight material that is laid onto a surface to prevent water leaks or damage. Waterproofing membranes generally consist of liquid applied or pre-formed sheet membranes.

Water Plugs

A one-component, quick-setting, hydraulic repair mortar that instantly stops running water through holes or cracks in concrete or masonry. It expands as it sets to lock into place even under constant water pressure.

Written by Evermage on Tuesday February 6, 2024

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